Project Tendering:

Your Residential Roofing Consultant will help you achieve competitive bidding based on comparative work. Specifications are prepared by the consultant with the resulting bids being analyzed by the consultant and the owner.

Roof Problems or Warranty Issues?

Are you aware that the majority of premature roof failures are caused by shoddy installation procedures, improper systems design or defective materials? Do you know what type of warranty you have on your roofing system, (or in some cases don’t have)? Should you be looking to a manufacturer to repair or replace your roof system if it has been improperly designed or applied? Should you be expecting the roofer to make your problems right if the materials are defective and have failed?

With a Residential Roofing Consultant on your team, these questions are readily answered and problems resolved. Our consultants incorporate a comprehensive knowledge of roofing products, application standards, roofing design and construction management into each of your buildings’ roofs. Roofing contractor qualification, and monitored installation can result in an increased length of roof service and the necessary documentation to identify the responsible party in the case of a premature roof failure.

Quality Assurance Control:

Who would you rather have inspecting the application of the specified roof system? The roofer who installs it? The general contractor who hires the roofer? The manufacturer who supplies the product? Or would you rather have an Independent Roofing Consultant/Inspector provide this service for you?

A Residential Roofing Consultants’ sole professional interest is to ensure that you get the roof system you contracted for installed as per specifications in a manner acceptable to warranty issuers.

Scope Of Work

  • We are fully qualified to inspect and evaluate the condition of most any type of roofing material and / or system.
  • We analyze the existing ventilation capabilities of the system, as it is, and make recommendations as to required upgrades to be included in the tendering process.
  • We are constantly reviewing and assessing various roofing materials and systems, both existing and any that are new to the market place.
  • We are constantly reviewing and assessing the work load of reputable roofing companies to ascertain the capabilities, work crew qualifications and response time of each company in regards to the magnitude of the work being specified.
  • Three of our consultants are HCRI inspector qualified. (Haag Engineering Residential Roofing Inspector)
  • We prepare specifications based on building requirements, aesthetics, budgets and owner preferences.
  • We prepare and circulate bid documents, receive completed bids from the selected roofing contractors, reconcile the bids and prepare spread sheets for presentation to the owners.
  • We prepare the contract that binds the roofer to their quote, then have it signed and forwarded to the owners or property manager.
  • We provide roofing installation observation site visit reports including areas being worked on; approximate amount of work done; compliance with specifications and good roofing standards; amount of plywood replacement required and installed; problems or issues that occur along with solutions and other items that we might consider to be of interest to the owners.
  • We open the plywood on the roof of at least one attic of a residential unit on each building to ascertain whether or not the intake ventilation is free flowing or has been impeded in any manner. If blocked we advise the owners and recommend remedial action.
  • We provide the buffer between the roofers and the owners and / or the property manager.